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38 Team Building Exercises Your Team Will Actually Love

As a leading teambuilding provider, we have collated a list of 38 team activities that your team will love to participate in. View the full list today. Read more

Four Reasons You Should Focus On Improving Team Engagement

A happy and engaged team is a productive team and is critical to the success of the organisation. Here are some of the reasons why you should focus on team engagement Read more

3 innovative team building focuses that will blow your mind

Check out these 3 new innovative team building focuses that will blow your mind and change the way teams learn and connect together. Read more

‚ÄčThe importance of engaging your teams in a post-pandemic world

It is important to keep your teams engaged, especially as many of us are returning back to the office. Here's how you can ensure effective team engagement in a post-pandemic world Read more

Is the Power of Teamwork Alive and Kicking in Your Organisation?

Effective teamwork is critical to building a high performing team. Read more

How Can Teambuilding Activities Impact Business Results?

Teambuilding is one of the most powerful tools that your company can use to improve business results and the output of your entire organisation, and surprisingly enough, it doesn't have to be a huge investment. Read more

Build Team Engagement While Working Remotely With Virtual Team Building Events

Even with the COVID restrictions starting to get relaxed in many places, Work From Home is now here to stay for many of us. Here's how you can engage your remote teams with virtual team building events. Read more

How Can We Keep You Safe During Teambuilding Events?

An increasing number of companies have started returning to their workplaces and are looking to engage their teams with in-person team building events. Here's how we ensure a safe execution of face to face team activities. Read more

How Does Teambuilding Help You To Reconnect?

Team dynamics have changed significantly as teams are juggling the nuances of remote and hybrid working. Here is how team building activities can help you reconnect with your teams. Read more

How To Boost Team Engagement and Improve Employee Retention

Team building events have always been a great way of reconnecting with teams, which has been proven to improve employee retention as well. Read more

The mark of a great leader - the ability to inspire.

Catalyst CEO, Guy Baker shares his insights on great leaders - Integrity, accountability, clear communication and above all the ability to inspire. Read more

How Leadership Team Building Impacts Employee Morale

Explore how our leadership team building activities can improve your team collaboration. Read more