Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the shared values, attitudes and standards of an organisation

Mission, Vision and Values are the strategic foundation of an organisation. A mission is a statement defining the aims and values of an organisation. It communicates concisely the purpose of the business’ existence to employees, customers and key stakeholders. A vision statement is forward facing setting out the aspirations of an organisation.It sets the direction, states the problems the business seeks to solve, and guides transformational initiatives.

Values statement defines the core guiding principles of a business. It is a declaration to employees, customers and other stakeholders of a company’s set of beliefs that influence behaviour and attitudes. Values are enduring. Values are passionate, their language emotive. Values Statements are often supported by a Code of Ethics and/or Code of Conduct which details how they are put into practise.

Effective value statements are staff-driven. Involving staff in the process of creating values statements ensures buy-in.The behaviour of leaders is also intrinsic to the dissemination and upholding of values throughout a business. teambuilding activities are an excellent way of exploring company values whether defining them for the first time, reviewing them or communicating them to staff.

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