High Performing Teams

Team Challenges are linked with proven methodologies in this high impact training game.

4 - 8 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
10 - 60


Biz Group’s ‘High Performing Teams’ workshop brings the latest research and our experience from quarter of a century of working with teams together in an engaging and high impact session, designed to give attendees an opportunity to become a ‘High Performing Team’.

The program includes multiple activity based sessions, each designed to be an opportunity to learn through doing, about a topic or theme related to teamwork. Whether this is communication, collaboration, trust building or competition, the session is a vehicle for the group to discover best practices within the field.

Learning Outcomes

Based upon the teachings of business guru Patrick Lencioni, it highlights the five key factors which can contribute and ultimately result in failure (described as the five dysfunctions of a team). Once the group has an understanding of what is a dysfunctional team, the key learning is to identify what makes a team high performing.

The content is directly related to the actual team undertaking the program, to identify where they feel they are in terms of their own performance, and how to improve to become a high performing, functioning team.

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