Squad Game

An exciting, hands on challenge proving that unity ALWAYS beats division.

1 - 3 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
20 - Unlimited


Squad Game is an engaging team-based challenge that has all the excitement and intrigue but none of the individualism or physical danger of the hit TV series. There are no long complicated briefs or confusing instructions. The games are simple to understand and the objective and rules are always clear. However charting a path to success is a challenge and there is always another team that you must outperform to win.

The challenges are varied and get progressively more difficult with each new round meaning you’ll have to dig a little deeper and adapt with agility and intelligence to be successful.

Learning Outcomes

The 6 exciting, immersive challenges, a mix of our own take on traditional games with some unique, modern and innovative twists can only be accomplished through self-belief, focused application and of course teamwork. The winning team will be the ones that best manage to leverage one another's strengths.

Players will learn the value of being present in the moment, thinking out of the box building relationships and anticipating and reacting with agility. It LOOKS like child's play but the gravest mistake you can make is to take Squad Game lightly!

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