The Perfect Fit

Solve the puzzle

30 minutes - 1 hour
20 - Unlimited


A bespoke design is created based on your conference themes and corporate messages and then cleverly crafted into a complicated jigsaw puzzle. Each delegate table will be given a selection of pieces and the entire room will be asked to come up and solve the puzzle at the front of the room. Chaos pursues as everyone tries to place their piece in the correct position, using only competitive energy and zero strategy or planning. Delegates are asked to return to their seats unsuccessful and are given a few key team work points to assist them to complete the challenge. A plan and strategy is carved out and the delegates successfully solve the puzzle in a short amount of time revealing the pre-designed art work image.

Learning Outcomes

The Perfect Fit engages participants with your conference themes or corporate messages in a fun, light way. Its sure to get everyone thinking and stimulate open discussion. The Perfect Fit is a powerful backdrop for the rest of your conference and can be mounted back at the workplace as a reminder what can be achieved when everyone works together.

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