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City Explorer Challenges originated in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s. Back then they were popularly referred to as Gymkhanas’, simple paper based ‘treasure hunts’ and 'scavenger hunts' that took delegates around city locations or restaurants. Time is always short during overseas meetings for the event organiser, but a City Challenge presents a great ‘time saver’ by combining a team-building experience with a city tour. As technology has progressed, event organisers have become even more creative with the City Challenge genre, initially experimenting with GPS units to guide groups or Polaroid photos as a ‘stamp’ to prove teams had visited a location. Meeting Planners and DMC are always seeking novel and interesting ways to entertain inbound guests and corporate groups - especially when arranging city tours.

Now tablet and mobile applications like Catalyst teambuilding's own Go Team, are the mainstay of city exploration. Go Team presents a framework of interactive features that allow teams to learn and compete against each other in urban environments. Go Team is designed for adventure and exploration which provides the added advantage of an engaging team-building experience for large groups getting people networking and enhancing team bonding. The health and well being benefits of these city exploration activities should not be understated. They get groups out and about to distress, discover hidden gems and quirky facts about a city, before being guided safely back to base. More recently, Go Team treasure hunts have been used in induction and on boarding exercises to help new employees discover fascinating elements of the city they are working in, network, relax, have fun and share a memorable experience.

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